Kinetic Flossing Technique

Kinetic Flossing is an innovative therapeutic technique that involves compression bandages made of elastic rubber bands, which are applied to the human body to treat musculoskeletal and neuro-musculoskeletal pathologies
The specially engineered flossbands with specific tensional strength and surface grip requirements necessary for the desired compression to be achieved. The Therapist applies a strong compression wrapping around the part of the human body which has been affected. This compression of one or more anatomic areas or joints, contributes to significant hemodynamic, biomechanical and neurophysiological adaptations.
Kinetic Flossing includes specific wrapping applications which could be applied to every anatomical structure. Its great functional advantage is that the particular application of Kinetic Flossing is usually performed in conjunction with specific therapeutic techniques such as passive or active movements, mobilization techniques or low intensity exercise. Moreover, the Kinetic Flossing presents an innovative therapeutic technique, Kinetic Tool Flossing, which combines the application of specialized stainless steel tools to specific points of adhesions-restrictions with the compression of the flossband above them. Its therapeutic effect lies in the fact that the high local compression of the Kinetic Tool Flossing combined with movement (passively or actively in open or closed kinetic exercises patterns) of the affected area creates ideal conditions for local mobilization and treatment of the soft tissue adhesions and restrictions.