Read the submission information and compile the following form to attend the current seminar.

Seminar: Elastic Ischemic Cerclage

Submission Information

In the case of cancellation of the Kinetic Flossing seminar all deposits are refunded immediately.
The amount of 100 euros must be paid in advance in order the participation to be finalized.
The total cost of the seminar is 220 euros including all deductions to third parties (VAT, seminar room, etc.).
Upon completion of your registration, you will receive an SMS or Email confirmation of your participation.
Please do not purchase plane tickets until you receive SMS / Email confirmation of participation and realization of the seminar.
Necessary information will be needed for an invoice or proof of service (VAT, Tax, starting Declaration
Working vacation) will be issued to the information you provided in the above form. If you wish to be issued on different items, please refers to the first day of the seminar.